Our Story

Founded with Love

In 2021, Siahara Jimenez embarked on a heartfelt journey and founded warmthe, a brand born out of the profound love and special connection she shared with her late Bichon Frise, Lilo. Drawing inspiration from their heartwarming and affectionate bond, our mission is to bring a touch of elevated luxury to the pet industry, while also making a positive impact on our planet.

At warmthe, we are committed to making a difference by creating eco-friendly pet products that go beyond the ordinary. Each product in our collection is thoughtfully crafted to benefit not only precious pets but also the environment we all call home.

With a deep appreciation for quality and eco-friendliness, warmthe offers a range of elevated pet essentials that embody our unwavering dedication to excellence. We strive to elevate your pet's everyday experience with our carefully designed and eco-conscious products.

Thank you for joining us on this meaningful journey. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of pets and the world we share.